Students share Christmas wishes

By Alesha McCulloch

During the holiday season, most people create Christmas lists for their parents. However, there is always that number one thing that is a must-have.

Freshman Skyler Nardi wants a vanity so she can do her makeup in her room.

Junior Haley Schroeder wants something out of the usual. “Definitely running clothes. I’m always running and could always use more running clothes.”

Sophomore Nick Ott wants something a little more dangerous and expensive.

“I want a new four wheeler because I love riding and I’’ll get good use out of it.”

Of course shoes are usually one of the top choices on many people’s lists.

“I want a pair of Lebron 10’s because I need a new pair of cool shoes,” said freshman Jordan Stevens.

Junior Alexis Garmon wants something that will benefit her practices.

“I want a bunch of Nike Pro spandex because I’m in the gym everyday and sometimes I want to not look so bland with black or grey Nike Pros on.”

There is always that one thing that someone can fantasize about.

Sophomore Kiley Atchley happens to have one of these gifts in mind.

“I want to meet Channing Tatum because I love him and he is going to be my husband one day.”

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