Multiple reasons for No Shave November surface

By Bryce Romig

During the month of November, people everywhere walk around with beards and body hair to celebrate No Shave November, in a tradition where people go a full month without shaving.

Whether it is just for fun or to join the prostate cancer awareness movement, more and more people seem to be participating in this month-long holiday.

“With so many breast cancer awareness events, it’s important not to forget the men affected by prostate cancer, and raising awareness for that cause. That’s why I participate,” said sophomore Aaron Sneed. 

A lot of people participate, but many people are also not pleased with this hairy month. One of  the big arguments involved with No Shave November is whether women should take part in this event, or keep up with their regular hygiene routine.

“I think girls participating is fine. It’s their body, and they can do whatever they like with it,” said junior Kate Peggs.

Social Studies teacher Julie Hanen, who sees an increasing amount of students participate, said the month is open to anyone.

“Girls participating is totally fine. Guys do stuff for breast cancer, so girls should be able to help raise awareness for prostate cancer,” said Hanen.

Many women argue that it is their body, and they should do what they like with it, while others find it very unsightly and unclean to see a woman with body hair.

“I do not think girls should participate in No Shave November, as a hairy woman is not the poster child for femininity,” said senior Ian Elmore.

Many men are also taking part to raise awareness for prostate cancer and for praising their manhood.

“I participate in No Shave November because I have pride in my masculinity. It is also something fun to share amongst peers, ” Elmore  said.

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