Featured leaders: Senior class president John Meldrum and vice president Lucas Corley

By Abbie Ewing and Rachel Naville

Senior Class Vice President Lucas Corley

In a heated race, Corley lost the election against Meldrum for president, but is now happy with his vice presidential role. Corley is also very involved in the Radio/TV program as a broadcaster for many of the sports.

Bagpiper: What are your responsibilities as vice president?

Lucas Corley: “My only real responsibility is to speak during graduation and help plan for that, but I’ve taken initiative to try to spread school spirit in a positive way and help my class in whatever way they need me to.”

BP: Why do you think leadership is important?

LC: “I believe if you have the abilities to serve others as a leader, it is your responsibility to use those skils that you’ve been blessed with in a manner that will help others.”

Senior class president John Meldrum

This is not Meldrum’s first year with a leadership role. He was also class president his junior year and vice president his sophomore year. Meldrum also represented the wrestling team last year as the team captain.

BP: Why did you decide to run for class president?

John Meldrum: “I feel like I have the charisma and social skills to lead my school.”

BP: Do you like being a leader? If so, why?

JM: “Yes, it keeps me focused, and I like leading by example.”

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