Students reveal their favorite neighborhoods to trick or treat

By Megan Hardin

Today everybody will be rushing home to get ready for what the night has in store for them. Parents will be preparing bowls full of candy to give out while their children get dressed in the costumes of their choice.

Halloween comes only once a year and is the one night where people can dress up and pretend to be something that they are not along with the rest of society. With the norm of dressing up comes the usual activity of going around from house to house and getting free candy. Trick or treating has been the traditional thing to do on Halloween ever since the holiday was created.

There are neighborhoods all over Floyd County that participate in trick or treating, but there a select few that the students here favor. 200 students were asked to give their favorite neighborhoods to go trick or treating, based on their answers these are the top three neighborhoods to go in.

1.  The Woods of Lafayette is located in Floyds Knobs, Indiana. It is known for its very large, glamorous houses that are spread out all over the neighborhood. Because the neighborhood is so large there are a lot of houses that people can go to and get candy. Senior Sara Kost said that the Woods of Lafayette is her favorite place to go on Halloween because there are so many houses there to choose from and you can get a lot more candy there. The candy that is given out there is also another reason why the Woods of Lafayette is the number one neighborhood to go to. Sophomore Tylan Davis went there last Halloween and got more than just the average candy that is usually handed out.

“When I went there some houses were just handing out the candy that all the other houses around were, but there were some houses that I went to that had special made candies. I got a package of these special candies from Schimpff’s and a lot of really oversized candy bars. They were really delicious,” said Daivs.

The Woods of Lafayette is also very easy to find and close to a lot of people’s homes. The location and size of the neighborhood along with the candy that is offered there makes the Woods of Lafayette a great neighborhood to go trick or treating in.

2. Clover Creek, which is located in Greenville, Indiana, is about five minutes away from FC. Although it is not as big as the Woods of Lafayette there are still plenty of houses to go trick or treating at in Clover Creek. Not only do you get treats there but you also get a bit of entertainment. In the yard of one of the residents there is a graveyard scene with a witch to sometimes scare, and always entertain the people trick or treating.

“When I went there they had a lot of the people passing out candy in costume and trying to put on a sort of show. They had people with their yards decorated and performing as their character that they were dressed up as. It was really cool to see because all the other neighborhoods that I went to didn’t have that,” said junior Emily Hardin.

To help make trick or treating more exciting in Clover Creek the whole community comes together, including the fire department.

“Every year our local fire department comes into the neighborhood and passes out candy. They ride around in their gear with their sirens on. I think that they help to attract a lot of the people into the neighborhood. It’s quite a site to see,” said resident of Clover Creek Connie Keith.

The entertainment and the atmosphere make Clover Creek one of the best neighborhoods to go to.

3. Wind Dance Farms is off of Highway 150 in Floyds Knobs, Indiana. It is also a large neighborhood which is what makes it one of the students favorite neighborhoods. Most students like to go trick or treating there due to its size and the amount of candy that they get there.

” I went trick or treating there because I knew that I would get a lot of candy from there and that there would be a lot of houses to go to,” said senior Annie Reisert.

Another reason that Wind Dance Farms is liked by the students is because it is and easy place to get to.

“Since it is close school and off the highway I knew how to get there already. It was very easy to get to and then I didn’t get lost once I was in there. I really liked going trick or treating there,” said junior Kassie Leuthart.

Wind Dace Farms is an easy accessible neighborhood and a good place to go trick or treating for people of any age.

Tonight is the night where people all over Floyd County, and the nation,  will be dressing up and going around in neighborhoods and trick or treating. With Halloween only coming once a year, this is the only opportunity that students get to go out all dressed up and get free candy. No matter what age, a person can always go trick or treating on Halloween. If you are going out for Halloween tonight, stop by one of the listed neighborhoods.

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