Teenagers offer skin care advice

By Bryce Romig

The teenage years can be rough on anyone’s complexion. Every day teens rub various skin products on their faces, in an effort to combat acne. Some products are made of impossible to pronounce chemicals from a laboratory, and others are made of organic, all natural ingredients.

When searching for the right product to use on your skin, many teens think about the health of their skin. Chemical products can dry out skin cells, and leave the skin peeling and flaky.

“I use St. Ives Naturals  because  it clears up my  acne fast and doesn’t dry out my skin,” said junior Kylie Davis, a cosmetology student at Prosser. She said that St. Ives gives her a good balance between gentleness and effectiveness.

But, Davis said, sometimes the results are not fast enough to clear acne before school, which is a concern for most high schoolers.

“I do also use Neutrogena acne wash, because it clears my acne overnight,” said Davis.

Another benefit to manufactured products is the clean feeling, which people value. A lot of the products on the market use menthol, producing a clean, tingling effect.

“I use Proactiv and Clean and Clear’s Morning burst. It makes your skin feel clean and refreshed,” said junior Kayla Ashley.

Many people now agree that natural products are the way to go with skin care, as scientists discover more and more negative effects that harsh chemicals might have on the body.

“I love Tarte Cosmetics, everything they make and sell is all natural, with no synthetic fragrances, parabens, or pthalates,” said junior Mackenzie Power.

It is smart to know what is in the products, and what effect they can have.

“Natural products are by far better for your skin and don’t do anything damaging,” said Power.

However, some find natural products uneconomical.

“I would love to use natural products because they work just as well, but they are extremely pricey and rather difficult to find,” said senior Olivia Hertog.

With all the products on the market, it can be difficult to choose what is best. Choosing what is best personally for a particular skin type is the best way to go.

“Whatever you choose, as long as your skin is healthy, it is alright to use,” said Davis.

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