Students share their driving distractions

By Alesha McCulloch

Eighty-seven percent of the 6,000 deaths that occur each year are caused by driving with distractions. New studies of teen driving behavior has found that the use of cell phones is the leading distraction.

Juniors Connor Welch and Jordann Dakin said their cell phones are their main distractions while driving.

Texting while driving is the new drunk driving. Teens know texting and driving is dangerous, yet do it anyway.

Surprisingly enough, talking on the phone or texting is more of a distraction for young drivers, more so than adjusting controls, eating, drinking, or engaging horseplay or loud conversations with passengers.

Sending a text while driving may be the most common distraction for teens but is not the only one. The radio is another big distraction.

“When I’m driving the radio is my main distraction,” said junior Blayne Miles.

In 1930, laws were proposed in Massachusetts and St.Louis to ban radios while driving, but as of 2012, texting is banned in most states for all drivers.

Junior Tanner Cook said eating while driving is his distraction. Eating while driving is the worst driving distraction. Some of the most dangerous foods and beverages while driving are chocolate, soft drinks, cream filled or powdered donuts, fried chicken, any barbecued food, juicy hamburgers, chili, tacos, hot soups, and coffee. These are the most dangerous because of spilling a drink or constant licking of the fingers.

It is important to also remember something that has been instilled in us for years, wear a seatbelt. It may sound cliche but those three seconds can save lives.

One thought on “Students share their driving distractions”

  1. NJROTC is planning to show a video to students about this very subject before the holidays… thanks…good article…senior chief beal

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