Seniors’ football careers come to an end

By Blake Dykes

Featured Image By Keevin Sakai

Last Friday was not only the last football game of the season, but for some seniors, the last game they will ever competitively play.

Senior Gavin Horner expressed his feelings on ending the season as they did.

“It’s sad that I don’t ever get to play another football game again. It sucked to lose our last football game.”

Senior Collin Engle agrees with Horner.

“It’s a terrible feeling knowing after four years of legit competitive football it’s all over.”

On the other hand, some players are ready for the break, since they still have another year to come.

“This season was kind of rough, but I have wrestling to look forward to,” said junior Chase Herron.

Even though some of the younger players have more games to play, it is still hard because they are losing teammates.

“I will miss the seniors, the good times we had together. We had a brotherly bond. I’ll miss going out to eat and hanging out with them after practice,” said junior Gabe Kennedy.

Herron will also miss the seniors, and having film sessions along with dinner at senior Bryce Smith’s house.

The team bonded despite the challenges of the season.

“Our team had the talent but we didn’t apply ourselves. We had too many injuries that should’ve gotten taken care of. We should of played smarter,” said Horner.

With as many injuries that team had this season, many changes had to be made throughout this time.

“If the majority of the starting line up wasn’t injured then we wouldn’t of had to have a different lineup on defense,” said Herron.

However, Kennedy thinks that the team did not capitalize in the opportunities given.

“This season wasn’t what we wanted it to be, but next year it will hopefully be much better.”

As they look to the future, most players built very strong bonds with their teammates that the seniors will definitely miss.

“I will miss knowing that I’ve played my whole life with these guys and not seeing them everyday,” said Engle.

Horner will also miss his teammates.

“I’ll miss being with all my friends, and getting through tough things with them, and just having a great time.”

This season brought out many emotions in each of the players, both good and bad.

Engle leaves this program taking away the good aspects of his time instilled in it.

“Even though the season didn’t turn out, the friends made have been taken to a whole new level of friendship that I’ll always have.”

One thought on “Seniors’ football careers come to an end”

  1. Good Job Football team… you guys gutted it through despite the many challenges… Navy JROTC appreciates your efforts and courage it took to compete against teams bigger, stronger, and more uninjured talent at times. You will remember these character driven moments for a lifetime…senior chief beal

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