Girls’ cross country travels to semi-state

By Alyssa Book

With leaves changing and fall starting, one team at FC wraps up a chapter of their season. At 10:30 a.m. tomorrow, the girls’ cross country team will travel to Brown County to compete in the Indiana semi-state competition.

The girls have advanced to semi-state, and the stakes rise this weekend as the state finals are now in close reach. Striding to the finish line could mean a possible state medal in the weeks to come.

With excitement and nerves surrounding the days leading up to one of the most crucial races of the season, coach Carl Hook said he tries to focus the girls by having them visualize the course, know their competition, and trying to keep them relaxed.

He has prepared the team mentally and physically for this tournament and feels like they are prepared.“The girls are ready and focused on running their best race of the season this weekend at semi-state and advancing to the state finals,” said Hook.

Hook sees Terre Haute South and Evansville North as the team’s biggest competition.

Junior Jamie Bierman thanks that Hook has prepared the team by leading them into this race with a positive attitude and workouts several weeks prior.

Bierman described this weekend as being a time for the team to prove themselves. “Winning isn’t possible for us at semi-state, but advancing to state is. Making it to state would prove all the hard work we’ve put into our running this season.”

Bierman knows she would not be where she is today if not for her teammates. “We think positive and encourage each other. Teamwork is a big thing in cross country because you can’t do this sport alone and have fun,” she said.

Senior Alyssa Moore is preparing for the meet by drinking enough water, getting enough rest, and eating right. With this being her last chance to race, Moore is putting forth her optimal effort.

Moore said there are certain people who have prepared her the most for this pivotal moment. “My coaches and teammates are ultimately the people who prepare and focus me the most. We push each other as teammates and the coaches have guided us here,” said Moore.

At 10:30 tomorrow morning, the results will show of the team’s goal can be fulfilled.

Bierman ended with saying what she wants the legacy of this 2012 season to be: “I want the legacy to be hardwork and dedication. This sport would be nowhere without these two things,” she said.

With the showdown so close, Moore said her team deserves to advance to the state competition. “We have been preparing since June 6. Everything we have done our whole season has all been for this moment.”

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