Theater director prepares for fall show

By Lexi Burch

As theater director Robbie Steiner wraps up his first play, “Miracle Worker,” he is not wasting any time with firing out a second show, “Music Man.”

Theater director Robbie Steiner

“[On choosing ‘Music Man’] I wanted to choose a family musical that would involve lots of high school, middle school, and elementary students,” said Steiner. “It has been a long time since we have done ‘Music Man’ and I thought the community would enjoy seeing this old classic revived.”

Steiner said he is very excited for this show, mostly to watch the growth of his cast.

“The most thrilling thing about being a teacher for me is watching my students develop their talents and discover what they can do together,” said Steiner.

Another person who is excited for this show is sophomore Bonnie Hopkins.

“I am excited for everything,” said Hopkins. “Putting a show together is very stressful but it is the kind of stress that only makes you want to better.”

Theater may seem like all fun and play, but Steiner said the cast is working very hard to make this show great.

“The cast is currently attending lost of rehearsals and working hard to memorize lines, choreography, blocking, and to develop their characters,” he said.

Hopkins, being a part of the cast, said Steiner is putting them to the test. They are all working hard everyday.

“Because the show is a musical, I am working on my harmonies in the music because when I see professional show it’s one of the things I notice the most,” said Hopkins.

“Music Man” is a show in progress and will be coming to FC’s stage during the first two weekends in November.

“Reservations can be made by calling our box office at 812-542-2284,” said Steiner. “Ticket prices are $12 for adults $10 for senior citizens, and $6 for students.”

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