Columnist anticipates this year’s fall fashion trends

By Bryce Romig

As the years go on, fashion changes rapidly throughout the different seasons. The runways are filled with new looks and designers change their designs. The trends are never the same as the previous year, and it is sometimes easy to fall behind. Autumn is one of the fashion industry’s most popular seasons since people buy new clothes for the colder weather, and switch to less colorful clothes, instead of bright ones people wear during summer.

This season be sure to look forward to seeing many “warm” colors such as darker browns and reds mixed with pastel colors such as pink and white. This look portrays a classy but comfortable look that does not have any extremely tight clothes involved. Many of the clothes and colors almost have a 70s feel to them, but with some floral patterns and eye catching jewelry, this look can be modernized in no time.

When looking for pants ditch the blue jeans and go for a bright pastel skirt. This gives off a classier vibe, and looks nicer when mixed with a seasonal colored shirt. Stick with bright but faded pastel colors that help complete the look. If you are more of a jeans person, try floral patterned leggings  or dark brown leggings and wear them with a seasonal colored shirt.  Pair them with a plain shirt to create a modern, sleek look.

When hunting for shirts and sweaters, think vintage. Try a pastel sweater that is loose fitting around the body. Make sure the sweater is not baggy, but loose enough that it does not cling to the body and create an “oversized” look.  Many of these items can be found at a local thrift store, and who does not love a little thrift store shopping?

When searching for shirts, try to find bright or seasonal colored shirt. Think simple and lightweight such as a black or beige colored topLight Blouses are also in style, and look great when mixed with dark colored leggings. Off the shoulder tops are all the rage now, so do not be afraid to bare a little skin, even if that means being cold walking to and from school.  You can also wear a light pink neck scarf or dark brown scarf with any of these clothes, as these help the look pop.

Wear jewelry that is somewhat gaudy or shiny. Try shiny silver bangles or rustic looking bracelets. Avoid any bracelets with charms or neon colors, as jewelry can really make or break the look.

Keep your makeup natural and minimal. Don’t use any abnormal or neon colors, and try to look as makeup free as possible. If you insist on wearing makeup, try a little winged eyeliner and light blush. Be sure to stay away from any dark red blushes, and try light pink.

For the guys, stick to loose cotton pants and plain seasonal colored sweaters.  Think buttons and vintage style clothes.  Do not be afraid to throw on a dark brown scarf to help complete the look.  Pea coats are also a hot item this year, but can be very costly. Hit up the nearest thrift stores and search for a slightly worn one.

5 thoughts on “Columnist anticipates this year’s fall fashion trends”

  1. Bryce, you did a great job with the story! However, I just wanted to point out season was typed out seasin in my sister’s quote.

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