Teachers plan for the next week’s fall break

By Peter Hyle

For students, the upcoming week is a much-needed break. Due to the balanced school calendar, this year students and faculty have an entire week out of school. Though students have the entire time out, some teachers, however, do not. With the first nine weeks coming to a close and the second just about to begin, there is a lot of work to be done while the students are away.

Social studies teacher Suzanne Moss grades papers in her classroom. Moss is among many teachers who may be using the next week to catch up on paperwork and grading in preparation for the new nine-week grading period. Photo by JT Samart.

“I’ll be working on various little projects [over the break], and I would guess that a lot of teachers are updating and working on grades for all of their students,” said principal Janie Whaley.

For most teachers, before they can take their break, they have to get their lesson plans and student grades put together.

“I need to get caught up and get a lot of paperwork together that I’ve been putting off,” said social studies teacher Suzanne Moss.

Most staff members think that the break is a good idea, and necessary.

“I think that this will be good for a lot of the students and their families,” said assistant principal Rob Willman.

In the past, what would be considered fall break was the three days off from school around Thanksgiving time…the day before, the day of, and the day after Thanksgiving. But this year, FC will have that short break along with next week of no school.

“I think any time you can step back from your normal routine is a good thing,” said Willman.

In the future, FC will put more use into its fall break. Lengthening to two weeks next school year, students will be offered more opportunities to raise their grades in several classes.

“We’ll move more towards intercession periods. Not this year but the next year, students will have a chance to make up school work during the second week of fall break,” said Willman.

Just about all staff members will agree that this is time well spent for the school.

“I think it’s a good idea to give kids the extra help they need,” said math teacher Rusty Cecil.

Some staff members are required to stay at FC over the break. With the numerous sporting events taking place here, it is necessary.

“I’ll be here for most of fall break,” said assistant principal Jeff Cerqueira. “We still have a lot of student athletic activities going on here.”

Over fall break, the cross country team has its

sectional, the volleyball team plays against Providence, and the football team has a home game against New Albany.

“There’s still a lot going on. With all the games and practices, there will have to be some staff members here to watch over everything,” said Willman.

For some staff members, the week-long break for students can end up being only a two or three-day break for them. It takes time and is important to make sure that all work is graded, and things are organized and set up for the start of the second nine weeks. Faculty and staff make sure that things here at the school run smoothly while the students are both here and away on break.

“I always say that it’s a building that never sleeps,” said Whaley.

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