Students use creativity to show school spirit

By Michael Pepin

The hallways of FC have become a bizarre sight over the week, with students encountering anything from a full body white tiger outfit to a detailed costume of Legolas from Lord of the Rings.  This year’s spirit week has caught the attention and interest of many as the school spirit soars in preparation for the Homecoming.

“Spirit week is a great thing to have to show how much you appreciate your school,” said senior Whitney Batliner.  She said that dressing up is a great way to show school spirit and have fun at the same time.

On Monday, a dazzling array of colors confused many teachers who were not aware that it was Neon day, and on Tuesday many relieved the famous theme of the Madison Football game by wearing the nation’s colors.  For many students, this is their most memorable week of their high school year.

“I love it and wish more kids would participate.  I think it helps make memorable experiences of high school,” said librarian Pamela Poe, in a gold Star Trek outfit.  Wednesday produced the oddest blend of costumes.  The theme was movie character, but throughout the day anyone from Voldemort to Ghost Rider was seen.

“It’s pretty neat seeing all the people and how they dress up and show their school spirit” said junior Austin King.  There was certainly a lot of humor on Thursday when the theme was nerd day, and nearly every girl in sight wore pigtails and a pair of broad lenses glasses.  Some teachers even joined in on this theme, earning a laugh from many students.

“I think the purpose of spirit week is to see how many kids show school spirit and attempt to brighten other peoples days,” said King.  Even for those people who do not feel the thrill of dressing up in a ridiculous outfit for the duration of the school day, can feel the enthusiasm and thrill of seeing people they know, dressing up.

“Dressing up is a great way to show school spirit because it’s something everyone can do and even those people who don’t participate get to see all the cool costumes.   Plus it gets people ready for high school, pepping them up for the rest of the year,” said freshman Brandyn Magers.

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