Marching band prepares for competition Saturday

By Sidney Reynolds

You can hear the roar of music coming from the marching band as they practice for tomorrow’s competition. They almost know the entire routine for the show and they plan to finish it this week.

“We’re coming along well but there’s still room for improvement,” said senior Amber Sprigler.

Besides practice they improve their show by performing at football games and doing competitions. Last Saturday they went to North Harrison for their first competition and then Paoli for their second competition of the day.

“We have a large group of freshman that are learning to perform. Saturday we performed two shows and that was a first for a lot of them,” said marching instructor Chris Jackson.

Doing two shows in one day is a very hard thing for the band and staff to do. They must be at the practice band field at 8 a.m., practice for a little over two hours and go eat breakfast the band parents made for them.

“The parents took time from their busy lives to make food straight from the bottom of their hearts and we are so thankful that they do that,” said junior Craig Bossley.

Then they drive all the way to their location, perform, and wait until the awards. After that they go back to FC eat the lunches made by band parents, they leave for their second competition, wait for awards, and then finally come back to the school.

“We did quite well at both. Although we did not win at Paoli, we still had a strong performance, especially our color guard,” said senior Jesse Renn.

At Paoli they came in second below Jasper but won best color guard. At North Harrison they placed first in all categories against Bloomington South and Jeffersonville and won best overall band.

“Marching was our best; music could use some improvement like being louder,” said Jackson.

Tomorrow they are hoping to win and the guard is hoping to keep their undefeated season going at Corydon Central.

“We are trying to keep the tradition of first placing from winter guard going,” said guard instructor Chris Delin.

The contest will begin at 10:30 a.m. but they will perform at 12:44. Also, the Invitational is Saturday 5:30 p.m.  An invitational is where FC will be holding a contest where bands will come to the football field and compete. The band will perform and be scored but will not actually be in the contest or be in the running for any awards.

“I love getting to watch smaller bands; it really shows how lucky you are to be in such a big band family,” said Bossley.

Additionally, the band will perform at tonight’s football game during halftime.

 “I am pretty pumped about tonight’s game. We are constantly adding on to our show, and it is nice to show people something new every week,” said sophomore Allyson Lockhart.

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