Celebrate My Drive event proves to be a success

By Peter Hyle

Many new drivers at FC can agree that the Celebrate My Drive event, sponsored by State Farm was held  at FC on Saturday,was successful. Filled with games,  food, and lots of excitement, the event was everything it promised to be.

All of last week, State Farm agents and volunteers worked hard to promote the event and make sure everyone had their chance to vote.

According to sophomore Tanner Nifong, the promoting was effective. “They put a lot of signs and tables up to grab our attention.”

All the promoting had a sincere reason behind it, a point that they wanted to get through to new drivers.

“I think it created awareness, and we did a lot of relevant and important activities to help new drivers learn as much as they could,” said the State Farm representative in charge of the event, Theresa Lamb.

The location of the event had a major part in its overall success.

“It was a really good space because it’s spread out and in a comfortable environment, not crowded. And it was amazing weather, so they picked a great day to do it,” said junior Caroline Wiseman, a volunteer  at the event.

FC staff members also took their part in making this event possible.

“The whole staff was great, the idea was well received to them. They helped me with the planning and setting up and the timing of the event,” said Lamb.

Aside from benefiting the new drivers themselves, the event was beneficial to many others in different ways.

“Teens in general have to deal with inexperienced driving. It’s a benefit to everyone because these kind of programs will hopefully increase safety among teens,” said Lamb.

Being the first year for The Celebrate My Drive event to take place, it is sure to be seen again in the years to come for FC.

“They are our future, they have to be prepared for the road. We have to spread awareness now,” said Lamb.

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