Dazzlers already preparing for nationals in the spring

By Sidney Reynolds

Yells of encouragement ring throughout the gym as the Dazzlers start practicing their routine.

“We go over our routine a lot and I ask my teammates to watch.If they see something is wrong, they tell me how I can correct it,” said sophomore Kayleigh Brewer.

At practice it is common for the Dazzlers to support each other not only to make adancer better  but also to make the entire team stronger. To have a strong team everyone on it must be supportive of each other. It helps make the performance better and more enjoyable for the entire team.

For the Dazzlers, dancing helps them in more ways than just getting fit and having a hobby. “Dazzling is more than just dance. It teaches you life lessons. Also, you make friends you can hangout with outside of practice,” said senior Brooke Lentz.

The Dazzlers have been working hard to make sure their routine is perfect this year for nationals in  February. They have a year round season with practices four times a week for two and half hours long.

 “Practices are long and hard but are completely 100 percent worth it at the end of the day,” said sophomore Coral Portman.

Nationals are their biggest competition and is held in Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The Dazzlers will be there foran entire week.That is much longer than their normal competitions, which generally last around six hours.

“This early in the seasonwe are looking good, but we have to work todo before nationalsin February,” said Lentz.

 The Dazzlers have won in Orlando from 2003 to 2012. Last year they doubled titled in varsity pom and hip- hop at nationals.

“I don’t go into the season expecting to win nationals because I don’t want the girls to just think they will win every year. I want them to go into the season giving a 100 percent plus an extra 20 percent to be better then last year,” said coach Todd Sharp.

 This year the team is training to have an 11th consecutive win.We had done what present Dazzlers, past Dazzlers, and Todd had pushed us for, our 10th consecutivewin in varsity pom,” said senior Regan Wimsatt.

They still have a while until nationals, but they will train for it at practices and performing at football games.  They also have many competitions between now and then they use to prepare for nationals. Their next performance is during halftime at the home game tonight. 

 “I can’t image dancing for anyone else because when we go to a competition I see the ways the other teams look at us and I am so proud to be a Floyd Central Dazzler,” said Portman.

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