New prom venue stirs excitement

By Bailey Hussung

Though prom and its preparations seem far off, both the Junior Executive Committee and student body are already thinking about it. As one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, prom is always a hot topic. This year has brought some exciting changes, including the announcement that prom will be held at the Seelbach Hotel on Louisville’s Fourth Street.

The Junior Executive Committee’s prime responsibility is to plan the prom, so it was their decision to hold prom at the Seelbach. “Since FC has had prom at the Marriott for the past two years, we thought we should find a place that FC has never had it before,” said Junior Executive  Scarlett Hartlage.

Hartlage said the committee got together at the beginning of the summer, and they knew right away they wanted to change the venue. “We looked at the Mellwood Center, the Marriott, and the Belle of Louisville. We felt the Seelbach was the best because it was a new venue that none of the FC students have had prom at, and it gives the juniors and seniors an opportunity to make new memories in a historical building,” said Hartlage.

The Seelbach is indeed a historical landmark, as many celebrities have chosen to stay at the hotel. Former president John F. Kennedy, American gangster Al Capone, and pop icon Elton John are just a few notable people to have roamed the halls. F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, even based the location of the wedding of two main characters off of the Seelbach Hotel.

Junior Executive Mariah Ferber said that the Seelbach offered both a larger ballroom and a dance floor than the Marriott, which was definitely a large factor in choosing a venue. “We rented the biggest ballroom they had, and we’re expecting a big turnout this year. We made sure there was enough space for everyone,” said Ferber.

Though the location was chosen for some practical reasons, it also stood out for its beauty and charm.“The Seelbach is a very elegant place overall, it has a beautiful marble grand staircase entrance, all the decor is just really pretty,” said Ferber. Some of the Junior Executives toured the spot were impressed by everything they saw, Ferber said.

When the news that the venues had changed came up at class orientations, it spread across the junior and senior classes like wildfire. “I am super excited to see the inside of the Seelbach, and how they decorate it for our prom. I think it will make it more memorable because the hotel is a part of history,” said junior Mallory Grantz.

Seniors who attended prom last year are looking forward to the change of scenery.“I liked the Marriott, but I think the Seelbach is a lot nicer,” said senior Cole Thorton.  Thorton said as long as there is music and decorations, it will be a great night.

Even with a location that is impressive on its own, the Junior Executives plan to do everything in their power make this year’s prom a night to remember. “I believe that the change of venue for this year’s prom will allow students to differentiate this prom from all previous and future proms. The Junior Executive Committee simply hopes to make prom the best it can be, and an awesome experience for the students,” said Ferber.

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