Meet assistant principal Rob Willman

By Alexis Burch

Assistant Principal Rob Willman can be seen walking the halls, talking to students, observing classrooms, or disciplining students. Willman is just one of the many administrators at FC, but being an administrator was not always Willman’s plan.

“I wanted to be a lot of things,” said Willman. “I wanted to be a professional athlete. I also wanted to be a college football coach.”

Willman grew up right here in Floyds Knobs and graduated from Hanover College. Willman began right back where he started when he took the English job at FC in 1999. Willman did not decide to become an administrator until the fall of 2008.

“I wanted to do something different,” said Willman. “I wanted to see if I had the leadership skills to do the job.”

As the years of being an administrator have gone by, Willman said he is enjoying a lot of things about the job.

“I really enjoy going to the events,” said Willman. “I like to see the success of the students and staff. I really like observing, that is probably my favorite. I feel like after observing the classrooms and the way teachers teach, I could go back into the classroom and be better teacher than I was before.”

Although there seems to be plenty of positives of being an administrator Willman said there are a few down sides to the job.

“[The hardest part is] the difficult conversations that aren’t positive, whether it’s with students, teachers,or parents.”

For those freshmen wondering where to find such a person as Willman, he said he can be found just about anywhere. The hallways, classrooms, and the lunchroom are the places students will most likely spot him.

“It is hectic, it is busy,” said Willman about his administrative job. “You have a to-do list every day that is usually, by 8:30, different.”

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