Dying hair with Kool-Aid becomes popular

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By Blake Dykes

The most far fetched fashion statement is the new way of coloring hair. One of the latest trends is dying hair with Kool-Aid. Yes, the Kool-Aid that is supposed to be a beverage. However, the whole head is not being dyed, just the tips of the hair or strands.

Sophomore Sarah Handy experimented with the Kool-Aid dye.

“I decided to try it because I heard my friend talking about it, and thought it sounded cool.”

Handy prefers the Kool-Aid method above hair dye because it is healthier for her hair and does not take as long to dye.

Handy has blonde hair and used a strawberry red packet. The color is very apparent.

“I dyed my hair within the first week of summer and it has hardly faded.”

However, freshman Lindsay Sparrow did not have the same results.

“I tried the Kool-Aid dye with purple and red, but neither showed up. I think it was because my hair is pretty dark.”

Although Kool-Aid hair dye is an awfully weird idea, it is quite popular.

Sparrow shares her thoughts on its popularity.

“The reason it’s so popular is because it’s a new idea, and it’s different.”

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