Freshmen adjust to life at high school

By: Peter Hyle and Carissa Smith

A confusing, newer school with intimidating, bigger classmates. Different teachers and more difficult courses; this is all part of starting high school. Freshmen walk in with excitement and no experience as to how the school works. Most of them can agree that FC is a much needed change from middle school.

Even though they were ready for the change, all freshmen coming into FC were unsure of what life here would be like. Right away, they took notice to the many changes between middle school and high school.

“Last year we were at the top of the food chain, now this year we are back down at the bottom and have to work our way back up again,” said freshman Zach Small.

One of the more obvious changes is the size of the school.

“When I first walked in I thought that the school was way too big and that I was going to get lost,” said freshman Aleigha Allen.

But like most situations, there are always positives and negatives.

“There is much more passing period time here,” said Fultz. “They changed it [passing periods at HHMS] to four minutes when the fifth graders moved there. Now I have classes that are scattered out everywhere and I still have time to get to class and talk to my friends.”

More than anything, freshmen are taking notice to all of the freedom they have in high school compared to middle.

“There’s a lot more freedom and a bigger variety of people,” said freshman Jared Coopman.

All part of the give and take, the freedom of high school comes along with some other hassles.

“You have more work already… right off the bat. Last year at Highland Hills it [homework, schoolwork, etc.] took forever to start up,” said freshman Josh Poynter.

The countless activities FC has to offer also interest many new freshmen.

“I dance. I’ve been connected to it [Dazzlers] for a while,” said freshman Maddie Baird.

“I’m definitely interested in some theatre productions,” said Poynter. “Last year I was in a play and had a blast. So I wanted to come back for some more. I want to improve my stage charisma and become a better actor overall.”

Some freshmen already have activities that they have been a part of for a while and are able to continue here.

“I was on the golf team at Highland Hills,” said freshman Michael Sobieski. “It’s something I’m good at and hope to show on the golf team.”

So despite the more challenging workload and the heavier backpacks each night, high school has more positives than negatives. With more activities to take part in, and more freedom to do what they like, FC is an easy adjustment from any middle school.

“It’s a good school and I’ve had a lot of good experiences being here the first week,” said Sobieski.


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