Seniors make Turkey Bowl history

By Hannah Cheatham

There were only four teams in Turkey Bowl history to win the game played as both juniors and seniors.
On Sat., July 28, 2012, history changed. The seniors took the juniors by storm and won with a final
score of 38 to 0 becoming the fifth team to win both games they played.

At the end of the first quarter the seniors led 14 to 0. The juniors kept up their competitive spirit and
continued fighting for a touchdown. By halftime the seniors remained ahead with 22 to nothing lead.

Although the game was supposed to be flag football, the rules were not always followed. From junior Shelby
Sneed being held in a choke hold to junior Rachel Denison getting popped in the mouth with an elbow, both
teams fought for the chance to be the champions.

“The hardest thing for me was keeping the game clean, but still stay competitive,” said senior Erin Baughman.

Junior coaches Julie Hutson and Summers Montgomery said their favorite part of the game was seeing
the girls come together on the field and try to beat the seniors. Juniors Lucy Cathcart and Krista Carlile
both agreed that the overall experience was fun and they cannot wait to get back out on the field next

“All for one, and one for all,” said Hutson.

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