‘The Avengers’ are heroic in students’ eyes

By Alyssa Book
The Avengers is a Marvel movie that centers around some of the most famous heroes, including  Captain America, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Thor, who all come together to defeat Thor’s brother, Loki. The movie centers around comic book mayhem and was in 3D to help intensify the action.With all the excitement surrounding this new Marvel installment, FC students joined in the fun, incorporating superheroes in the academic pep rally and some even going to the midnight showing of the film.Senior Erica Mohler went into the premier with low expectations because she does not particularly enjoy superhero movies. Coming out of the theater, though, she left with a different perspective.“I loved it. I wasn’t expecting to laugh, but it was hilarious. So often in superhero movies the hero is just “the hero,” but this movie did a great job of bringing out the heroes differences and made them more human. It showed their imperfections. It exceeded my expectations.”Junior Bryson Koch thought the movie was awesome and the best he has seen in a long time. He liked how the movie displayed every character. Koch’s favorite superhero was Iron Man because of his suit and flying abilities.

With all of the praise and the ticket sales to show the movie was a success, people are left wondering if the Avengers will be coming back to the silver screen.

Koch thinks it is inevitable that there will be a sequel.

“With box offices sales off the charts it would be stupid to not make a second movie. The effects in the first were great and the second would be even better.”

Junior Gordon Heltzel went to the midnight showing and loved the effects and the plot line. Heltzel also commented on the characters having human qualities.

“I liked how the movie showed each character’s flaws and special abilities.”

The Avengers made students come back to the comic book hysteria that once came with the Spiderman and Batman installments. Surely, the sequel will be hitting theaters sooner than some expect, to keep up the hero madness that is sweeping across America.

The Avengers was really entertaining and lived up to everyone’s expectations. There has to be another one soon. It’s like lays chips, you can’t have just one,” said Heltzel.

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