Patterson’s ‘Witch and Wizard’ casts a spell on readers

By Lauren Holstner

Witch and Wizard by James Patterson, also known for the Maximum Ride series,  is a spellbinding series that has readers wanting more.

Patterson brings out an old concept of how society might be controlled one day, with laws and rules about everything and “The One Who Is The One,” in other words, the supreme ruler.
This series is about two siblings, Whit and Wisty Allgood, who are dragged from their family and put in a security prison, where they escape using their new mysterious powers.  Are these children really a powerful witch and wizard, and the kids mentioned in an all powerful prophecy no one seems to know?
This book is extraordinary, there is always something happening, either fighting the bad guys, fighting for their lives or rescue missions.  The detail is amazing and brings the book to life, along with the characters the reader can picture perfectly.
I loved everything about this book, and would not change thing, from the details to the story line; this is a great book that everyone who can read and likes fantasy stories should read.

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