Orchestra, band place at state finals

By Jared Murray

This past Saturday both FC’s orchestra and band participated in ISSMA State Finals in Indianapolis. The orchestra ranked third in the state for the second year in a row while the band placed as finalists.

Junior violinist Christine McCaffrey was extremely satisfied with the orchestra’s performance Saturday. “I’m really critical,” said McCaffrey, who is assistant principal of the second violin section. “We did really good job, and I’m really proud of everyone.”

Orchestra director Doug Elmore also had positive things to say about State. “The students performed magnificently,” said Elmore. “They met or exceeded all the key points in the program.”

This year’s state appearance is the orchestra’s 23rd consecutive state appearance, which is a record in Indiana.

Ryan Marksbury, a junior trumpet player in concert band, was a little more critical of the band’s performance at Lawrence Central High School. “I thought we did well, but there’s always room for improvement,” said Marksbury.

Even though the goals for both performing arts groups have been met, both directors and students are busily preparing for next year. Marksbury expressed excitement over being a section leader in the band, while McCaffrey said she is ready to take on the challenge of raising the bar from this year.

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