Band, orchestra travel to Indy for state finals

By Meghan Poff

This Saturday, in Indianapolis, the band will travel to Lawrence Central High School and the orchestra to Pike HIgh School to compete in the Indiana State School Music Association finals.

The band competes with 15 of the best bands in Indiana, while the orchestra competes with seven other orchestras.

Orchestra director Doug Elmore had a lot to say about qualifying for the state finals for  their 23rd time.

“[The orchestra performed] magnificently at qualifiers. They performed at or above how they’ve rehearsed previously. The Shostakovich was the best it has ever been,” he said.

Elmore said, “There are still some small pitch and articulation issues in the Shostakovich and balance and tempo issues in the Mussorgsky.”

Senior Scarlet Martin reflected on her last state finals appearance. “It’s bittersweet because I enjoy it (orchestra) but I’m also glad to be leaving high school”

She expressed excitement over the performance time the orchestra drew. This year the orchestra performs fifth instead of first, meaning that they will not only have just their fan base in the crowd but members of other orchestras and strangers in the crowd to hear them play.

Sophomore Gus McRae is optimistic about the band performance this Saturday, where spectators can hear music such as “Geometric Dances” by Richard Meyer and “Music for Prague” by Karel Husa.

“We did marvelously at the qualifiers and I think our talent will carry us through to the finals.”

McRae also noted that improvements must be made in order to do their best. “We need to focus more and pay attention to Mr. Yankey. Our playing is great, but there are some places in all of our pieces individually that we know we have to get right, so we need to practice and make it happen.”

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