Press release: ‘Celtic Dreams’ to perform this weekend

From Bonny Wise

Photo courtesy of Sam Vogt.

Celtic Dreams…A Journey Into Imagination

        ….Original and Unusual Production Closes the Curtain on a Director’s 39 Year Career in Educational Theatre

Chris Bundy, Director of Theatre Arts at Floyd Central High School, knew the day would come when he would retire from directing and teaching theatre arts.  When considering a final show to produce, true to form, a unique and unusual production formulated in Bundy’s mind.  “Celtic Dreams” is an original multi-media, special effects and dance show written by Bundy that uses the mystic ancient world of the Celts as the basis for several segments of the show.  In all, there are ten individual segments to the show featuring a variety of scenes that range from the mystical “Ring of Stones” segment based upon the unexplained circular stone ruins from the Druid era to more light-hearted segments such as the one featuring the legend of “Nessie,” the fabled Loch Ness monster.  The show uses a wide variety of Celtic music and incorporates a number of special visual effects.

At each of the three schools at which Bundy has taught theatre, blacklight effects have played a prominent role in a number of shows.  In each of those schools, West Washington, Silver Creek and Floyd Central, he created blacklight shows all of which recieved the honor of being selected as main stage presentations at the prestigious International Thespian Festival.  While the current production of “Celtic Dreams” does engage several scenes which use blacklight effects, they comprise only a portion of the show.

The show also celebrates Scotland and its people, an interest sparked through Bundy’s and Floyd Central Theatre’s four appearances at The International Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Through that contact, Bundy and his students formed a lasting friendship with Davina Young, a resident of Edinburgh who, according to Bundy, “…has one of the most distinctive and beautiful Scottish accents imaginable.”  Ms. Young is flying in from Scotland to narrate the show.  Bundy commented, “We invited Davina to our school a few years back to tutor our cast of “Burke and Hare” which was based on the infamous Edinburgh pair of grave robbers.  I think that is when I truly fell in love with her accent as well as her amazing personality and the magic she worked with the cast.  I am so pleased she accepted this invitation to be a part of my final production before retirement.”

Due to the fact that Ms. Young is in the states for only one week, “Celtic Dreams” will be staged on one weekend only.  Performances will be April 20 and 21 at 7:30 p.m., with matinees on April 21 and 22 at 2:00 p.m.  Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for senior citizens and $6 for students.  The show is suitable for all ages.

Bundy is hopeful that the public will celebrate his final production at F.C. and hopes to see familiar faces from among the thousands of students with whom he’s had the pleasure to direct and teach.  Bundy summed up his long career in theatre by saying, “For nearly half a century the magic of theatre has given me a life filled with excitement and a world of imagination as well as providing me with the extreme pleasure of working with incredibly talented students and adults.  While I’ll miss my association with theatre, I think it’s about time to take on the very enjoyable role of grandfather to my four grandchildren and let someone else enjoy the amazing ride I’ve had throughout my career.  While the number of grandkids continues to increase, I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for my other few thousand ‘kids’ as well.”

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