Featured Athlete: Freshman Clara Shean

By Blake Dykes
For most people it is difficult to be involved in one sport and get schoolwork finished. However, freshman Clara Shean manages to be involved in basketball and softball while maintaining A’s and B’s.
Shean has been doing softball for the past eight years and basketball for nine. This includes travel, school, and recreational teams. Having already finished her first basketball season at FC, she is currently in the middle of the FC softball season.

“Even though the sports are different seasons, it is still difficult because they take so much time.”

With basketball conditioning starting the first week of summer and softball at the beginning of November, she does not get much of a break.

“I don’t get to condition with the softball team because basketball carries into the season.”

Once basketball season is over, Shean is allowed one week break before practicing with the softball team.

Due to her tight schedule, sacrifices have to be made.

“I don’t get to hang out with my friends as much.”

However, Shean likes both sports, but still favors basketball.

“I like both a lot, but I would have to say I like basketball more. I just enjoy playing better, even though it’s harder for me.”

Even though Shean likes basketball more, she said she is better at softball.

“I’m more talented at softball because in basketball you have to be big and it’s a physical sport, and I am small and get pushed around a lot. I try to go to the gym and lift weights, though.”

Shean shared her goals for both sports.

“I hope to maybe get maybe get a scholarship in softball,” said Shean. “And I want to play basketball all four years because it would make me stronger and I enjoy playing the sport.”

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