The Last Five Years commemorates Bundy’s career

By Claire DeFrancisci

The lights dim and the piano begins to play as senior Erica Mohler takes the stage to open up the show. With a cast of only two people, The Last Five Years was nothing short of excellent.

The play follows a young couple as they tell the story of their five-year relationship. The woman, Catherine Hiatt played by Mohler, begins the story at the end of their relationship. At the same time Jamie Wellerstein, played by senior Zach Hebert, begins at the start of their relationship. The two stories only meet once throughout the show, at the couples wedding.

I’ve seen many of FC’s theater productions this year including Urinetown, Suessical, A Christmas Carol, and Ashes and I must say that this show has taken the spot of my favorite. In the smaller Studio One stage, you seem closer to the couple and really feel like you have gotten to know them by the end. I found myself laughing, crying, and simply being speechless throughout the 2-hour show.

With very few props and only two cast members, the play really showcased the talent of the two young actors. Not only was this a great way to say goodbye to two of FC’s beloved thespians, but it was also a grand finale of theater director Chris Bundy’s career.

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