Cynthia Hand makes the imagination run wild in ‘Unearthly’

By Lauren Holstner

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand is an amazing story about angel bloods. Angel bloods are people who either have an angel or half angel for a parent.  Each angel blood is put on earth for a purpose, and they have wings that they can call from nowhere and powers beyond belief.

When Clara Gardner learns she was an angel blood, she gets a vision of her purpose, sending her whole family from California to Wyoming, where she is supposed to go to a raging forest fire and meet a mysterious boy, though things start turning upside down and spin out of control.

From the beginning to end, I could not set this book down. Its details are amazing and every page leaves readers wanting more.  This story is marvelous, one of the best books I have read in a long time.  The story line is filled with hilarious teenage problems, and being a new student at a new school comes into the mix and makes it even richer in detail.

This book will leave you craving more, and it helps that this is the first in the series.  Even the cover of the book is enticing; I would never have read this if the cover hadn’t drawn me to it. I loved this book and I think anyone who loves to read should read it, too.

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