Natural ways to alter hair color

By Blake Dykes
When it comes to beauty and appearance, my philosophy is natural. Why put harmful chemicals on your body when there are more organic, beneficial ways to alter your image?  To obtain beauty there are more secrets than most are aware of. Starting off with one of the most expensive beauty products, hair dye. I watch people dye their hair once a month and see how their hair loses all of its beauty and becomes fried.  I understand people want to change things up. Different is fun, right?  But why take something beautiful and destroy it instead of spicing up the color giving it a more natural effect?With summer well on its way, lighter hair color is usually wanted. Here are some ways to lighten hair chemically free:

1. Take a cup of lemon juice and mix with ¼ cup of warm water. Mix well in a spray bottle, and spray all over hair. Use your fingers to really smooth the mixture through hair well. Then sit out  in the sun for an hour.

This trick will make blonde hair blonder and lighten dark hair, bringing out hidden highlights.
Hint: The longer you leave the lemon juice in the hair the lighter hair will become.
I have light brown hair, and after using this mixture my hair got several shades lighter, bringing out the blond.

2. Another way to get the sun bleached color many people look for is by using Chamomile tea or the flower itself. Either item works effectively for this process. First, boil approximately two cups of water. Next, add in a cup of flowers or five tea bags. Then, let the mixture cool completely (you do not want to put a boiling liquid on your head). Once cooled, get hair damp and scrub liquid into hair. Then sit out in the sun and allow hair to dry completely. This is the same as the lemon juice in the aspect that the longer the mix is in the hair the lighter the hair will become.

Although lighter hair is typically wanted, dark hair is becoming more popular this season.

1.  Take ½ to ¾ cups of brewed coffee that is completely cooled and rinse over whole head. You can also take the coffee grinds and rub into hair. Once hair is saturated, cover with a shower cap and leave for an hour. Repeat process three times a week to get the darkest color possible.

2. Mix two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder with a palm full of shampoo and rub together in your hands. Scrub into hair and leave for five minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.
Tip: This routine can be repeated every day if desired and is more of a gradual change.

The final tint is red. Even though not as many people are dying their hair red, many people are getting red highlights and red undertones.

1. Take ¾ cups of beet juice and ½ cups of carrot juice and combine together in bowl. Rinse ingredients through hair and let air dry while sitting in the sun.

2. This process involves directions similar to the cocoa powder. Put two tablespoons of cinnamon and stir two tablespoons of conditioner with it. Next, shampoo hair as normal, and then apply cinnamon mixture. Massage through head and wrap in a towel. Let air dry in sun then rinse hair. These steps can also be repeated on a daily basis.

Caution: Be sure to be careful with cinnamon because it can easily create a mess.

Extra: Besides bringing out the red/auburn tint in your hair, this treatment will also soften hair and leave it smelling great.

This also works better on lighter hair such as light blonde because it is able to dictate the color better rather than darker hair, which is harder to stain.

Hint: The more times these routines are performed the more effective the results will be.

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