Spring brings in new fashion trends

By Allison Werner

With spring coming up, old and new trends will start to arise. In the fashion world, they are first showcased by designers putting together a fashion show. Then, people start to take notice of them. The people who decide to wear the latest trends take the designer look, tweak it a bit, and make it their own. With that being said, it is time to ditch those wool sweaters and heavy coats and dive into the bright spring season.

First up is my favorite category to discuss: makeup and beauty. One product to definitely try out would have to be BB creams. First introduced in Asia, this cream is a five-in-one product that hydrates, primes, perfects, controls oil, and protects skin. This is perfect for those mornings when putting on primer, foundation, concealer, and powder seems like a hassle and leaves the skin feeling cakey.

Another trend in the beauty world is hair painting. No, not actually taking a paintbrush and painting your hair. That would be a disaster. Hair painting, among the other trends, has to be the boldest. It is a mousse formula that when applied, creates vibrant highlights in your hair. It is a cheap alternative to getting it done at the salon. Plus, it is a reasonable price. Another added bonus: if the color looks awful in your hair or is just way too dark, it washes out within in one shampoo.

The next category is the most obvious: fashion. Designers put together a fashion show each year showing off the next big trends. One trend that is popular among the runways is the clean cut look. Whether it is a white dress, pearls, or a white blazer, elegance is in. Pair that with pastel colors and you have a recipe for success.

While elegance is in, do not be surprised to see bright, floral patterns. Whether it be on a dress, a skirt, or a shirt, floral is also in. Introduced in 2011, color blocking was the biggest craze. Now prints are being thrown into the mix. While print blocking is not completely out of season, it is more common in shoes now then clothes.

The last category for spring is nails. Boring one color nails do not cut it anymore. With Sally Hansen nail strips, colorful, pattered nails have never been so easy. Just peel off the back, stick them on nails, and ta-da. Now the hassles of waiting for the polish to dry and the stress of messing up the nails are gone. These strips will definitely strike up a conversation.

From makeup to fashion, there can be trends in just about anything. While some might be bolder than others, except to see them in the coming weeks. Do not be surprised if while walking to class, someone goes down the hallway with a floral dress and streaks in their hair. As the saying goes, expect the unexpected.

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