Many faculty members stay local for spring break

By Claire DeFrancisci

When March comes around not only does it bring warm weather, but it also brings a constant buzz of spring break plans and excitement. Students are usually preoccupied with their own plans and do not consider what their teachers’ vacation getaways are.

“I’ll be going to see family in South Carolina, then coming back through Biltmore. It’s a 10-hour drive though, so I’ll still be grading papers,” said math teacher Melissa Neal.

Many teachers will be staying in the area and focusing on preparing for the rest of the school year. Math teacher Chris Street will be attending class, working on projects, and getting things done at school.

Staying local for spring break does not mean thatĀ spring break will not be fun, according to student teacher Jessica Bolduc.

“I’ll be staying home but you can do a lot of things to have fun around here. You can get with friends and just enjoy the time off. Just because you aren’t going on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself,” said Bolduc.

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