Band’s ‘pops concert’ represents a vast amount of talent

By Claire DeFrancisci

The lights dim and applause can be heard as young men and women walk onto stage, instruments in hand, dressed in all black. The wind ensemble begins the pops band concert on Feb. 24.

Wind ensemble is mostly composed of freshmen from band teacher Harold Yankey’s sixth-period class.

The concert kicked off with an interesting piece called “Locomotive Chase.” Freshman Mae Galeza on chimes helped create a scene of a busy train track. Later in the performance a different conductor was introduced. Student teacher Raneigh Prall was brought onto the stage to conduct the song “Tricycle.” It is understandable due to the different skill levels, but overall the Wind Ensemble did well and was followed by an impressive performance from the Wind Symphony.

It was composed of not only wind instruments, but also string instruments. Junior Ian Elmore on bass and seniors Anna Patterson and Kendall Flur on cello added a nice twist to the performance. “Summer of 69′” was an arrangement filled with well-known songs, including “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix and “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was very fun to listen to and recognize the songs. I was very impressed with the performance. They ended on a happy note with a “Wizard of Oz” arrangement.

When the first half of the concert was over, there was an intermission and the audience was encouraged to move to the gymnasium. Although it is a necessary move, it did seem like an inconvenience.

Once the concert had been moved to the gym, it seemed a bit more disorganized. The Pep Band quickly began to play while instruments were moved and the band members were changing clothes.

The Emerald Guard then began their performance. Small mistakes were almost unnoticeable because they quickly bounced back and did not miss a beat. It is clearly seen that all of the girls are having a genuine good time by the smiles on their faces.

After about five to 10 minutes of waiting for props to be prepared, Winter Percussion started their humorous and entertaining show. Titled “Robots vs. Teddy Bears,” the performance had me smiling. Inventive props such as robot helmets and teddy bear masks made the show very amusing, but was not so overdone that it distracted the audience from the talent of the group.

Overall the concert was very entertaining. There were no obvious flaws and besides a bit of confusion after the move to the gym, it was very well put together. The band’s reputation continues to impress and  carry on FC’s great legacy.

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