Riley Children’s Hospital provides hope for kids with none

By Rebekah Landers

As many students sign up to attend this Saturday’s Dance Marathon, some pose questions about what Riley actually does. English teacher Tiffany Stansbury is the creator of the event and she has all the information about it.

“Riley Children’s  Hospital is the only comprehensive children’s hospital in Indiana, which means it is the only children’s hospital in the state that will handle any life threatening illness,” said Stansbury.

Paying for the treatments that Riley provides is a common problem for the families that receive the care. Riley tries its best to ensure that does not happen.

“The hospital also has a financial program so that if families go there and they don’t have health insurance or their insurance does not cover the treatment, they will pay the bills for them so when families leave they do not have to be in debt,” said Stansbury.

So the money that is raised from the Dance Marathon will go directly to help families pay for treatment. Last year the school raised $17,572.44.

“This year we set our goal at $15,000 so we will see if we make it,” said Stansbury.

To raise this money it takes a lot of group effort, one of the main groups that contributes to raising money for Riley is the student council.

“We have five different committees for Dance Marathon and one of them is recruitment so that group of 12 students are completely in charge of getting people to know about it and get people to the event, and they do everything from setting up tables at lunch, to having a flash mob, and presenting a video,” said Stansbury.

The Floyd Central Dance Marathon raises money for Riley Hospital and all of the proceeds go to the cause. Check back the rest of the week for more info on the event.

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