Military Ball proves to be a reward for the cadets in ROTC

Photos by Rebekah Landers and Keevin Sakai

By Rebekah Landers

As girls and boys pour into the Grand Theater in downtown New Albany looking their best, a passerby would think that prom has come early, and for members of the FC NJROTC, it has.

The male cadets escorted their dates dressed in ballroom gowns like gentlemen. Getting them drinks, seeing them to their cars, and opening the doors for them are few of the many respectful things that were shown.

“As I’ve said in the previous years, the colonel  should applaud himself for having such a respectful group of kids,” said John, a member of The Grand’s staff. The Grand’s Facebook page was later updated with a post that said, “Floyd Central Navy JROTC Military Ball. Wow, this group is so polite! Love this event.”

The ball also hosted it’s first Military Ball court and Military Ball King and Queen. The winners for freshmen were Zac Bruner and Kayla Jones. For sophomores the winners were Scott Schuchardt and Alyson Gill. For juniors Bryan Moore and Emily Kunkel. And for the senior class runner up king was Cameron Stickles, a student at Lanesville, and the king was Thad Crone. There was a tie for the Military ball queen, Marissa Samons and Kellye Riggle both win the title.

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