Value of speaking honestly discovered

By Danielle Rehor

Acoustic Thoughts

Synonyms of my favorite pastime include brazen, unabashed, and vivacious. Sounds down right delightful, right? It is, when done in the right way. Often times we say exactly what we think, but for the most part what our brain tells us to say has become diluted. Perhaps you are ok with that, but for me, I am not. Do not settle for saying a half-truth because it will not offend. It is lame.

I am here today to teach you a lost art in today’s world. That is speaking brashly. Now this is a tool that can help you out, or completely hinder your ability to make and sustain friendships.

Point One. Do not use this as a technique to make first impressions. That comes off bad. You are often seen as a self-conceited, careless, rude person whom people would like to sling names at.

Point Two. This is an art best used for finding out information you are afraid to ask. Essentially, if you like someone and want to find out if they like you too, ask them. Yes, it does seem rudimentary and practical, but few have the guts to do it. Additionally, if someone is clearly crushing on you, do not leave them guessing, do the right thing, just tell them no.

Point Three. This is a good technique for getting out things that just need to be said. I have saved my mother a few times from a terrible fashion mistake just by speaking the truth. You all know, you have wanted to tell that girl in the hallway to wear a whole shirt or offer to buy some guy a belt just for your own sanity. That is perfectly fine to do, when you say these things, though they may sound crude, they need to be said.

Point Four. This can be a complementary note. There is a way to just straight up tell someone. “Hey, you are extraordinarily good looking.” Or “Hey, if you would like to sit by me, I would be perfectly fine with it.” Without fear, it is called speaking brashly.

Speaking brashly is not hard to do, provided you are not obsessed with what others think of you. Be yourself, say what is appropriate and comes to your head. It works.

When you speak free of fear of what others might think about you, it is enjoyable. People think highly of those who speak without fear of repercussions. There is a time and a place, but it is admirable to be true to you.

Two of the most common deathbed regrets are not living a life you want, and not having the courage to express your feelings. Are you going to be one of those people?

The most courageous thing is speaking truth, aloud.

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