Veterans’ holiday forgotten

Veterans Day is the forgotten holiday. Some observe two minutes of silence. Some go to a church ceremony

By Chase Palmer

or participate in a march. What does America do to observe Veterans Day? Very little, maybe an assembly or moment of silence cut short by teachers’ lessons and whispering students.

Our lives can easily get bogged down with school, sports, friends, and family, but that does not mean we can make excuses for ignore veterans and their service.

Our country has formally declared war on three different occasions, while also fighting in as many as ten others. The occasions when we found ourselves at war were tense times for the soldiers

fighting, families at home, and others involved.

The respect and acknowledgement necessary and appropriate for our veterans is clearly lacking. The veterans put their world on hold, risked their lives, and gave for you. With their sacrifice we can; have all the food we could imagine, sleep in peace, not worry of approaching enemies, and have the freedoms that we so easily take for granted. Unlike much of the world we do not worry about our next meal.

Young men have died in battle and their families and friends have suffered because of this. Fighter pilots have also been shot down so we can sleep without the threat of genocides or dictators happening here in America.

Do we think about it on a daily basis? Even once a year on Veterans day? It is a chance to find a veteran, be it in your community or family, and thank them. They gave you something you cannot get any other way than putting their entire world on the line.

Veterans should always be respected and recognized.  They have sacrificed too much to be recognized only once every year by putting their life on the line every time they go into a battle. Many veterans have gone above and beyond and served multiple tours. They knowingly stand in the way of enemy baring guns, bombs, and a hatred we cannot even imagine. Just for us.

There are plenty of good Americans that provide wonderful services like doctors and teachers. But no one can say they did more for their country than veterans. These servants realized such freedom and liberty was worth more than their lives. What will we do.

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