Hoban’s ‘Willow’ cuts to the chase

By Lauren Holstner

“It’s hard to keep a secret when it’s written all over your body.”

This quote lives on the cover of Willow by Julia Hoban. It adds suspense and makes you want to read it. Willow by Hoban is a dark and serious book with a hint of romance and humor.  It is about a girl named Willow who believes she is a murderer and killed her parents.

She can no longer go back to her home and lives with her brother, his wife and their child.  She is also a cutter.  This has caused her to lead a secret life no one knows about, until he comes along.  He is Guy, who finds out about Willow’s cutting and turns her world upside down by trying to save her from cutting and making her fall in love with him.
Readers who like stories where nothing seems to go right with a hint of romance and a pinch of pain will enjoy this novel.
Willow lives in a world of pain and sorrow that many readers might relate to. Those who do not connect may see what friends could be going through because we never know everything and this book just shows how little we know about each other.
This story helps readers view the world in an entirely new perspective, often overlooked.  Willow could relate to a number of lives and show us how some people live.

Willow helps us learn things readers never thought we would.  Willow is a great story for readers wanting to experience something new and realistic, and sometimes horrifyingly real.

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