Highlanders face off against Pioneers tonight

By Eric Ordonez and Luke Geraghty

As the football team prepares for its second game of the season tonight against local rival Providence Pioneers, the buzz around nearly every hallway seems to be about how excited fans and staff members are to be a part of it.

After last Friday’s 28-21 victory over Male in the season opener, the team is riding high with plenty of confidence and energy. Providence, who is looking for revenge after last year’s 25-13 loss to FC, looks to steal a road victory tonight at Ron Weigleb Stadium. Head coach Brian Glesing said this is a statement game and is ready for the grind tonight.

“I hope it’s exciting. This is Friday night high school football, it doesn’t get any better than this,” said Glesing.

What concerned Glesing in the opener was the special team’s play and the lack of quality tackling.

“Too many defensive breakdowns, that we’re going to have to fix right away,” said Glesing.

However, Glesing acknowledged how well the offensive line played and their ability to move the ball late in the game.

The Pioneers come into the game with some changes of their own.

“They [Providence] have a new coaching staff that we’ve prepared for. We’ve prepared to cover their outside sweep game, and also know they’re going to try to run it inside on us,” said Glesing.

The kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m. and the theme is a green-out for FC fans.

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