Weather in Indianapolis causes disaster at Sugarland concert

By Darian Eswine

While awaiting a Sugarland concert, storms cause stage crew to announce precautionary measures for worst case scenario. Moments after, a strong gust of wind blows over the entire set as though it was paper. The stage not only fell onto stage crew, but also onto “standing room only” audience members. Pieces of stage blew into grandstands.

Screams, chaos, and panic ensued. Everyone ran into stables and Pepsi Coliseum. A few thousand people were packed in. All were on phones and tears and terror surrounded the horrified crowd.

EMTs, policemen, and firemen arrived seconds after the collapse of the stage, and procedures started at 10 p.m. to rescue those trapped beneath the stage.  Some people rushed to cars while others tried to locate family members. Scene is still chaotic.

There have been 45 injuries and five deaths, according to Indy Channel. We are awaiting further details.

To see a fan-made video of the stage collapsing click here.

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