Band marches forward

Senior Chris Sinclair stands with the rest of the band after warm-up, preparing to march down to the field.” I think it's fun and the audience really enjoys it.(I like) performing in general," said Sinclair. Photo by Paige Thompson.Sophomore Jacob Bauman and junior Zach Kayrouz check Bauman’s cuffs while forming a block to march onto the field. Kayrouz enjoys the adrenaline, his section and the many weird traditions when performing at football games. Photo by Paige Thompson
During the national anthem, color guard members junior Jenna Scharffenberger, sophomore Shelby Kaiser , freshmen Krista Carlisle and Laura Estar watch the band march on. “I like (color guard), we have lots of cool work. You can show what you you’re trying to get across,” said Estar. Photo by Paige Thompson
Sophomores Christian Thomas, Brian Young and Senior Jacob Novak walk off the field to change after performing the national anthem and school song. “Me, Jacob Novak and Brian Young are a quirky group of individuals and we like to wear the kilts,” said Thomas. Photo Paige Thompson

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