Ask Alexandra, Turning warm weather clothes cool

How can I wear my summer clothes in the winter?

-Sophomore, Cheyanne Taylor

Dear Cheyanne,

I am so glad you asked how to wear transform your summer looks into fall and winter looks! It’s a great question that I am sure people other than just you are curious about. If you wore boots with bohemian or baby-doll dresses this summer, those would be an obvious pieces to tie into your winter wardrobe. Scarves and tank tops, believe it or not, are also a great choice. To make your tank tops transfer, think layers. If there is one thing you get from this answer it is that! Layering is key, especially with scarves and other accessories as big as they are for this season. Cover up with fly-away sweaters, cardigans, denim, or leather jackets. Wear your favorite plaid or oxford shirt under a hood-less sweatshirt for a comfy-chic look. Add statement jewelry and a messy up-do so that you do not come across as over-thinking your outfit. For extra warmth, wear leggings under jeans, or socks with heeled booties. You can still wear your favorite summer dresses by adding tights and a cute t-shirt underneath. Military style is really big right now as well, so I would invest in what I call “band” jackets that look great over a roomy-tank and worn with your best skinnies. Personally, I love blazers right now too, so before it gets too cold you could try a neutral blazer with denim shorts and some comfy gladiator sandals. I hope this helped, and keep reading ‘Couture in the country’ in the FCHS Bagpiper for more style questions answered!

Thank you for reading,


2 thoughts on “Ask Alexandra, Turning warm weather clothes cool”

    1. If what you mean by “indie rock” is “hipster”, then I suppose a stereotypical “hipster” look would be skinny jeans, band tees, plaid shirts, fake glasses, keys on your jeans, Toms shoes, etc.

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